At WACO we believe in the power of music to touch human hearts in unique ways that can reach beyond the struggles of dementia, depression, anxiety and loneliness.

In 2018, volunteers from WACO’s ensembles gave over 40 performances to residents and their families in nursing homes and hospitals. Bringing live music to hospital patients and nursing home residents has had a positive impact on many. These charitable performances are made possible by ticket sales and donations from the public.


WACO is growing! As a 100% self-funded organisation, WACO has made the impossible come to life in over 50 outstanding performances with a team of over 300 combined volunteers. Your donation will help WACO support its activities – from saving up for specialist instruments, to covering the cost of rehearsals, to anything you can imagine!


If you’re not sure where to donate to – select the WACO General Fund and we’ll handle where your donation will go to!


Interested to know more? Want to make a more substantial contribution to WACO? Contact [email protected] and we can discuss your involvement.

Concert Fund
From everything to lighting, programmes, music hire and inbetween - the Concert Fund helps us do what we do - bring great music to our community.
Venue Hire
We're growing - which means we always need space! Donations towards venue hire will help us offset the $16K per year we need to rehearse!
Specialist Intruments
Our Specialist Instrument Fund will go towards raising money for instruments desperately needed by fantastic musicians - from bass clarinets to tubas!
Our Admin Fund will help support our 2 fantastic part-time employees with the resources they need to keep WACO's programs and concerts alive!
WACO General Fund
All general donations will go towards any number of activities or resources needed to change lives through music!
Future Forever Fund
Our Future Forever Fund helps us put money aside for future projects so WACO can continue to grow. For more information, contact [email protected]

"WACO provides one of the best examples in this country of people engaging in the arts to high levels for the right reasons. You are a beacon of hope."