Perth-based composer, Tim Newhouse, has written a new work ‘Nordic Fjords’ which will be premiered by the WA Charity Orchestra at their upcoming concert, Aurora. Read on to get to know a little about this inspiring and talented musician.

Tell us a little about what do you do?
I would define myself as a freelance composer, multi-instrumentalist and arranger/orchestrator. This is a different adventure every day – playing woodwinds in musicals, bouncing around on stage at jazz clubs and composing for orchestras and weird jazz groups. I also love my job as a music tutor at several high schools.
What did you study?
Bachelor of Music (Honours) at WAAPA, majoring in Composition and Music Technology.
What are your goals for the future?
I really just want to write and play as much music as I can, work with heaps of people with diverse musical backgrounds and learn from people that are way better than me at what I do.
What are your hobbies?
I don’t have many – music’s pretty all consuming at the best of times. However, I’m a mad Carlton supporter and follow the strategic side of AFL and cricket closely enough to be able to tweet about it and occasionally have sports media personalities and journalists liking said tweets. Weird flex.
How did you get into playing saxophone?
Saxophone was a really arbitrary choice in year 8. It’s the instrument that taught me I could have control over music rather than music being something someone told me how to do ‘properly’.
Any fun facts about yourself?
I won a student-only dance contest as a teacher at a school’s performing arts camp. My jazz band bought me a $10 Red Dot trophy as a prize.
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