Inez McGinley is one of WACO’s wonderful french horn players. She teaches maths to year 7’s to 12’s at Irene McCormack Catholic College in Butler and absolutely loves her job. Inez studied teaching with Maths at Winchester University in England and loves to bake and cycle (which works well in tandem!) and loves learning languages and new skills.

Inez started playing the french horn at the age of 8 and spent her teenage years playing for a youth orchestra in Ireland during the 80’s which happened to be a good distraction from ‘The Troubles’ at the time. Inez spent summer camps at different universities in the UK being tutored by professional musicians from various symphony orchestras. After a hiatus after leaving high school, Inez got back into playing again once she was able to afford to buy her own horn. She also plays trumpet, mostly in school bands or at church.