Rachel is one of our fantastic clarinetists in the WA Wind Symphony. Rachel was faced with the option of taking up double bass, clarinet or trumpet in Year 6 and didn’t choose double bass because she was (and still is) smaller than the instrument itself. She didn’t know the difference between a clarinet or trumpet and is now incredibly grateful that everyone else wanted to play trumpet.

Rachel sings, plays clarinet and a little piano at her church and is also a Youth Leader there. She is all about embracing opportunities and teaches English with Swim for Refugees, mentors rural students with Teach Learn Grow and is involved with the Australia-China Youth Association, Australia-China Emerging Leaders Summit and ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership.

In her rather limited free time, Rachel enjoys sleeping, cheerleading and watching Singaporean dramas to improve her Mandarin. Rachel is currently studying a Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) in Medical Sciences and General Music Studies at UWA.